Dar es Salaam Chapter

The British Business Group was initiated in June 2009 in Dar es Salaam, and was formally established in August 2010.

The Dar es Salaam Chapter was established following the creation of the National Executive Committee in 2011. It currently has around 120 members within a wider network in excess of 160 people.

The Committee comprising; Jacqueline McCormick (Chair), Asha Sabrina Ayub (Vice-Chair), Kevin Karina (Treasurer), Lesley Golding (Secretary), along with members; Kalpesh Mehta, Paresh Patel, Sanjay Rughani, Laura Blizzard, Stephen Holmes, Marie Strain & Calum McCallum

Members meetings are held bi-monthly, but it is usual to have 9 or 10 meeting per year with the Committee meeting every month.

The Administrative office of the BBG is in Umoja House and postal enquiries should be addressed to

BBG Tanzania 
C/o British High Commission
Umoja House
Garden Avenue
PO Box 9200
Dar Es Salaam

Enquiries by e-mail should be addressed to info@bbg.co.tz